You will not regret a visit to the 'Intra Muros' (castle) at Saint Malo. Take a stroll around the ramparts with spectacular and different views round every  corner. There are many small islands to visit just off the beach. Do this at low tide or you will need to be an accomplished swimmer to get back! 



  The second most visited tourist attraction in France and  just 30 minutes from La Merveille!  We can advise on the best times to visit and the on the current state of the tides. Once on the island it  takes a few hundred steps to  pass through the tourist shops and eating places  and reach the Abbey. 

Often referred to as the 'Monaco of the North' Granville is a lively town where there is always something going on.  The marina is also very picturesque. Granville has an impressive saturday market with numerous shops and eating places - especially for sea food lovers.
Two other recommendations would be to visit  the Christian Dior Museum before tucking into  the most memorable of  lunches from our favourite watering hole - the Picorette!  If you have a day or two to spare  take a boat  for the Island of Chausey or the Channel Islands - most notably, Jersey and Guernsey.


Best known as the home of The Bayeux Tapestry. The largest English war grave site  is  located here alongside the  Second World War museum. The Cathedral is quite magnificent and also the second largest in Normandy. All these attractions are located within a short distance of each other and close to a splendid offering of restaurants and bars!


 Just 50 minutes from La Merveille is the historic medieval town of Dinan with some beautifully preserved medieval houses and churches. After visiting the castle and enjoying some spectacular views of the river and viaduct, descend to the river area itself where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll and even the chance to hire a small boat and cruise up and down the river.  

D-Day Landing Beaches


Just one hour from La Merveille there is so much still worth seeing.  The American cemetery above Omaha Beach is a must see - its impressive and heartbreaking at the same time.

The best museum would be the Airborne Museum at St Mere Eglise. A new attraction worth visiting in the American section is the D - Day Experience at St. Comte du Mont. .  Try and find time to visit the German cemetery at La Cambe - yet another very moving experience.



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